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Hayrakes and wooden rakes for the hay harvest, the lawn or garden landscaping by Lofer Rakes Manufactory - The Original

Proven quality with long handcraft-tradition - The original since 1872

Lofer Rakes in Austria: Lofer Rakes is a tool manufactory which produces traditional wooden rakes for the hay harvest and garden landscaping. Our handmade and patented rakes are only available in specialized stores.

Lofer Rechen has been producing wooden rakes, hay rakes and handles for scythes for almost 150 years. About 20.000 rakes and 1.500 scythe handles leave our family-run manufactory every year.

Over the centuries many different regionally demands on rakes emerged. My grandfather and my father acknowledged these various needs and adapted our products accordingly. Today we offer a great variety of different rakes the right one for every region and every task!

We proudly present our products on this website and wish you a good time browsing through our offers!

Andreas Schmiderer


"Last of his nature - The Rakemaker of Lofer/Austria!"

© Salzburger Bauer: Traditional handcraft.
Film 4:52 Min., Mai 2020.

Rakes for farming and Rakes for the home and the garden:

Rakes for garden landscaping::

  • "Pro Sand Austria" Bunkerrakes ideal to cultivate sand bunkers and for general care work at golf courses
  • Garden Rakes for rough tasks in garden landscaping like levelling grit, pebbles or soil, very robust and with a thicker head (30% thicker than iron rakes)
  • Plane Rakes to plane, flatten and rake soil and concrete
  • Fine Plane Rakes - gentle rakes with double-sided teeth for more delicate tasks like rolling tusk and turf, to prepare the ground for golf courses or to turn over and level sand

Wooden handles for scythes:

Our wooden handles are available in different sizes - so everyone can find a suitable rake. Moreover they have variable sliders and grips. We produce 5 traditional types of handles:

The wood makes the difference!

We produce our rakes in unison with nature! It is important to us to keep to the traditional sustainable way of production, carefully choosing the local wood and caring for the right point of time to cut the tree. Only after at least three years of drying do we start to use the refined beechwood for the head of the rake, the teeth and the handles for scythes.

→ Limewood for the handles of rakes
→ Beechwood for the handles of scythes and the head of the rake
→ Traditional Rake Manufactory since 1872

Advantages of wooden rakes compared to rakes made of metal:

  • Natural elasticity of the wood!
  • Less weight to carry! Ligther than metal rakes!
  • Higher stability!
  • 30% more working width!
  • No plucking and bouncing!
  • Easy & comfortable handling
  • Stepless adjustable angle!