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Wooden handles for scythes: Type Salzburg-Flachgau

Handles made for different needs and regional tradition

Wooden handles for scythes - type for Salzburg Flachgau.

Wooden handles for scythes - type for Salzburg Flachgau

Variant of handles for scythes - specifically produced to traditional needs of Salzburg Flachgau.

With time the local demands on handles for scythes have developed in different directions.

Lofer Rakes Manufactory cares about these demands.

Lofer Rechen uses air-dried local beechwood to produce the handles - manufacture it along the natural course of the fibre.

Due to the nature of hardwood, the handles keep their elasticity and stay solid as well as handy and flexible.

You can use our handles for steep as well as for flat areas and they are easily adjustable for individual tasks and needs.