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Quality since 1872


Traditional handcraft in it’s fourth generation!

Traditional handcraft since 1872 - Competence in wood

Handcraft has a long tradition within our family: Today we proove everyday competence in wood and rake manufactoring, meanwhile in the fourth generation!

More than 150 years old and still very healthy!

Our rakes are famous for being especially robust as well as long lasting and so are we: the family business exists in it’s fourth generation!

The traditional rake manufactory is located in Lofer a small alpine village.

Life can be tough in the mountains and our farmers have to cultivate very steep hills.

Therefor Georg Schmiderer, a farmer’s son himself, started to produce robust rakes which were light to carry but exceptional solid.

Today we produce over 20.000 rakes and 1.500 wooden handles for scythes every year.

Selling our traditional rakes not only in Austria but also in Germany, Switzerland and Italy makes us internationally successful.

We are proud to support farmers, gardeners and green keepers all across Europe!

By the way: our only disposal is for retailers and companies dealing with landscape gardening!