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Lofer Rakes Manufactory is one of the last rake manufactorer in austria and produces about 20.000 rakes and 1.500 scythe handles per year. Lofer Rakes Manufactory has been manufactoring wooden rakes, hay rakes and handles for scythes for almost 150 years.

The rakes for agricultural use - as well as for house and garden and golf courses or golf bunkers - are characterized by excellent quality, long-lasting durability, easy handling and the use of natural materials (*). The production of the rakes uses the well-proven knowledge form centuries. The wood is chosen very carefully and air-dried over years.
The different rakes are still produced according to traditional procedures and techniques!

The special design and shapes of the working tools of Lofer Rakes prevent plucking, bouncing and clasping of the rakes. Lofer Rakes Manufactory is the only producer who still makes rakes in this traditional way!

* Full wooden rakes are made entirely from wood, the "Traditional Hayrake" is produced with wooden teeth or with teeth from nylon. All holdings and the patented teeth are made from high-quality Polyamid and they are very stable, long-lasting and usually go back in line automatically. They are impact resistant, steady towards UV radiation, abrasion-proof - and they stay elastic.

Fa. Andreas Schmiderer Rake Manufactory
Hochtalstrasse 201
A-5090 Lofer


Tel: ++43 6588 8365
Fax: ++43 6588 8365 - 4

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Disposal only for retailers and companies dealing with landscape gardening!

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