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Rakes for garden landscaping - "HOME & GARDEN"

Bunker-Rakes, Garden-Rakes, Plane-Rakes and Fine-Plane-Rakes for golf courses & home and garden

Rakes for the garden and garden landscaping: ideal for general and special care work at golf courses, for rough working tasks within garden landscaping, to plane, flatten or rake concreteand to roll tusk and turf and  to prepare the ground for golf courses.

The rakes made specially for garden landscaping convince with their quality, with easy handling and long-lasting material.

Compared to metal rakes, the rakes of Lofer-Rakes-Manufactory made specially for working tasks at garden landscaping - "Bunker-Rakes", "Garden-Rakes" and "Plane-Rakes" - are much lighter than metal rakes and they are more flexible and more stable. They are produced for professional use and the wooden handles stay straight and solid.

The handles of our rakes are naturally elastic and very stable and comfortable to be used: your handle will never slide out unexpectedly during work!

Pro Sand Austria Golf-Bunker-Rakes for golf courses

"Pro Sand Austria" Golf-Bunker-Rakes

Ideal to cultivate sand bunkers and specially produced for general care work at golf courses.

The cheap alternative to rakes made from aluminium!

Garden Rakes for rough tasks in garden landscaping.


The "Garden Rakes" for rough tasks in garden landscaping (like levelling grit, pebbles or soil). More stable than iron rakes!

Very robust and with a broader head (30% broader than iron rakes)!

Planierrechen zum Abrechen, Planieren und Verteilen


Plane Rakes or "Levelling Rakes" are suitable to plane, flatten and rake earth, soil and concrete.

Specially designed for tasks in garden landscaping!

Fine Plane Rakes to turn over and level sand and to prepare the ground for golf courses

Fine Plane Rakes

Fine Plane Rakes to turn over and level sand. Also ideal for more delicate tasks like rolling tusk and turf or to prepare the ground for golf courses.

Rakes with double-sided teeth and small teeth distance.