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Rakes for farming, for the hay harvest, lawn and leaves - and full wooden rakes made in traditional way

Rakes available with many different widths of the head, teeth-intervals and handle lengths

Rakes for farming: Lofer Rakes offers different types of rakes: teeth made of nylon, wood or metal, various widths of head, teeth-intervals and handle-lengths.

Rakes - especially wooden rakes - have been playing a big role in Austrian agriculture for centuries. Almost every region used to have someone who produced rakes and who did that according to the specific local demands and traditions.

Today Lofer Rakes is one of the last remaining rake manufactories for the whole of Austria and Central Europe. Having that development in mind we try to diversify our products to meet the needs of customers from different regions.

It is important to us to keep traditions and original products alive but furthermore to move with the times and acknowledge new fields of application for rakes such as golf courses.

Traditional rake for the hay harvest and farming

Traditional rakes for the hay harvest and farming

This rakes are made according to a centuries-old construction. Lofer Rakes is the only producer who still makes rakes in this traditional way.

This model is available in many different widths, with straight teeth made of wood or nylon.

Heurechen mit gebogenen Zinken - ideal im steilen Gelände

Hayrakes with curved teeth - rakes for the hay harvest

The advantages of hayrakes with curved teeth in steep areas are: no plucking, bouncing or tossing back of soil.

Stepless adjustable angle.

Rakes for the lawn with narrow standing teeth made of nylon - makes it possible to clean and air the lawn in a gentle way

Rakes for the lawn - Lawnrakes

Our rakes for the lawn have especially narrow standing teeth made of nylon. It is a perfect tool to clean and air the lawn in a very gentle way.

Moreover it is two kilograms lighter than a rake made of metal! Light to carry but very robust!

Traditional full wooden rakes, for home and garden or as decoration

Traditional full wooden rakes

The original full wooden rake is perfect to take care of private gardens.

It is completely hand-made and has got a partly split handle.

You can also use this unique rake as decoration!

Rakes with V-shaped teeth made of wire, for wet grass or leaves

Rakes with V-shaped teeth made of wire, for leaves

This rake with V-shaped teeth made of wire is ideal for wet grass or leaves!

No plucking, bouncing or clasping. The handle is made of wood and guarantees comfortable working.

Colorful rake for children - age group 2-12 years

Colorful rake for children - age group 2-12 years

Tool or toy? Both! This colorful rakes are especially designed for children and absolutely suitable as a real tool. For kids to help grown-ups in the garden or with farming.