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Handles of rakes made of limewood

Since centuries well-proven as the best wood for rake handles

Handles of rakes made of limewood: Limewood is the best wood for handles of rakes. It is well-proveen since centuries and offers a many advantages: light and stable, elastic, flexile and unbreakable, does not splinter, does not deform, stays smooth in the hand.

Our handles of rakes have special contoured forms:

The thin end gives higher stability of the handles and better operation in use. Therefor the handle causes a better grip due to the tapering, which releases a reflex of the hand.

In comparison to that, synchronosly cylindric handles are easier to manufactor, but the thin end has proven its advantages over centuries.

Unfortunately: limewood is also the most expensive wood.

For centuries limewood is known as the best wood for rake handles, because it has a lot of advantages:

light and stable

elastic, flexible and unbreakable

does not splinter

does not deform

stays smooth in the hand

extraordinary and rare