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Hard wood and beechwood for handles of cythes and the heads of the rakes

Personally chosen from our regional forests and cut at the right time

Hard wood for our rakes: The beechwood for our handles of cythes and the heads of the rakes is chosen individually from regional forest, dried and cut at the right time.

We use local hardwood and beechwood for the heads of the rakes and the handles for scythes.

Andreas Schmiderer chooses each tree personally in our regional woods and is very keen on finding big healthy trees.

Also the time of the cut is very important for the quality of the wood. Therefor we continue to work according to the tradition and only cut trees during the winter months.

Real quality needs it’s time! This is why we allow our wood to dry over a period of three years.

Only after this natural maturing process we start to work with the refined wood which is then much more resistant against heat and wetness.

Moreover we manufacture our branchless wood along the course of the fibre!

Working in harmony with the nature is essential for us.

Disposal only for retailers and companies dealing with landscape gardening!